Fifteen-year-old Courtney “Coco” Johnson was happy to have her final chemotherapy treatment for cancer after two surgeries and months of struggling. Unfortunately, due to chemo’s effects on the immune system and the current coronavirus pandemic, the hospital was unable to throw the usual party to celebrate the teen’s triumph over her illness.

Family and friends felt like a simple drive home wasn’t enough to commemorate the event, so they came up with an idea that is guaranteed to make you happy-cry.

Coco’s mom, April Danz, complained to a friend about not being able to throw her daughter a party, and friend Sonia Singla came up with the idea of throwing Coco a “reverse parade.” Singla then texted a bunch of people, all who texted more people, and they were able to organize a huge line of people parked on both sides of the road, cheering with signs and writing on car windows congratulating Coco for beating cancer.

Danz captured Coco’s reaction to the surprise as her daughter cried with joy at the showing of support from so many people.

“I was just completely overwhelmed,” Coco told BuzzFeed News. “I wasn’t expecting anything, and I was just so surprised and grateful that everyone showed up to celebrate me.”

“It really hit me at that moment that everyone was there for me.”

Coco’s story went viral on Twitter after Danz posted the video under actor John Krasinski’s call for good news on Wednesday, resulting in over 11,000 shares and 2,000 comments congratulating Coco. Krasinski himself called the video “one of the greatest things I’ve seen.”

While Coco spends the next six months at home as her immune system recovers, she’s enjoyed her first couple of days reading all of the supportive comments.

“All the thousands of comments are so nice,” said Coco. “I’ve been reading all of them.”

She’s got a long way to go, so keep leaving her your congratulations:

Way to go, Coco!

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*First Published: March 27, 2020, 12:30 pm