An uncomfortable note left on someone’s vehicle is serving up a bold reminder that Christians continue to demand respect while refusing to grant it to anyone who doesn’t have the same outlook on life as they do.

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An image was shared on social media showing a car with a traditional “Coexist” sticker — the kinda that spells out the word while utilizing symbols from various religions to suggest we can all get along despite our differences. Above that sticker, someone had taped a note.

“Out of respect for the Christian community I request that the cross be left out of this sticker/message as our beliefs do not support it and that our cross is being mistreated in this,” it reads. “Thank you for understanding. With love, the Christian community. Jesus Loves YOU.”

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Again: the entire point of the coexist sticker is that everyone can, you know, coexist. People don’t have to believe the same things. We don’t have to force our beliefs on others. 

Christians, like everyone else, are welcome to believe that every other religion is made up nonsense, but shockingly enough, that doesn’t innately make them more correct than anyone else. And it really doesn’t justify taking that deeply egotistical belief and deploying it to disrespect other religions, people, and property.

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The person who shared the photo to reddit had this to add: “I love the message of that sticker. So do any true Christians. People that shame and abuse others and act like they are superior, the are absolutely not practicing Christianity the way Christ commanded us to, and they are grossly misinterpreting the Bible.”

Tape that note to someone’s car.

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*First Published: May 12, 2022, 12:36 pm