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Colin Hanks’ DIY Mask Tutorial Will Keep You Safe And Stylish

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson may have been the first big celebrities to come down with COVID-19, but they recovered safely in quarantine and even provided us with some boredom-inspired entertainment on social media in the meantime.

And now, Hanks’ son, Colin, is using his own social media presence to help folks stay safe and avoid catching the virus themselves.

The Center for Disease Control has started recommending that we all wear some sort of protective face covering when we have to leave our houses for essential activities.

But with a significant mask shortage throughout the country, people are turning to less effective but still better-than-nothing DIY options instead — which often means we’re looking up tutorials online. And some of them can get a little complicated.

But Colin Hanks shared a simple but great tutorial on his own Instagram last week.

You start out with a kerchief or bandana and two hair ties or rubber bands — hopefully items most of us already have lying around the house.

First, you lay the kerchief flat and fold over the top.

Then the bottom.

And fold in again.

Slip the hair ties over the cloth.

And fold the ends inward.

Voila! DIY mask, and you didn’t even have to bust out a sewing machine.

After messing around with his own mask for a few days, Colin had some improvements to add.

The hair ties can become a little painful on your ears, so he suggests either adjusting, or using string instead if you have some on hand.

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So I have been experimenting a bit with the kerchiefs as face masks, and thanks to some helpful suggestions, I have a few updates. First, as some of you may have noticed, once you put the elastic ties around your ears, they tend to push your ears forward a bit. This can be fixed by adjusting the ties a little further away from the center. An added bonus is that cuts down on the amount of fabric at the end that gets folded towards the center. Second, and perhaps most helpful, was something suggested by a nurse. As I was wearing my mask today I noticed my ears started to get sore after a while due to the nature of the elastic ties being a bit think and pulling on my ears. So, I took some string and cut two 10 inch pieces, tied them off, and used those instead of the elastic ties and found this to be MUCH more comfortable and wearable for longer amounts of time. Really recommend this. I cannot remember who made the suggestion but it really helps Also, the reason I chose this particular folding method, was that you could adjust the folds in the front of the mask to help cover your face a bit more. However, I have read that once you are out, you should not touch the front of your mask. So be sure to try and get it as comfortable as possible before putting on gloves and heading out. And finally, wash your kerchiefs! Don’t forget to add it to the wash at the end of day. I included the same instructions from the other day in this post, so swipe for step by step instructions. And of course, feel free to pass along. Hope this helps. Stay safe everybody!!!

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Of course, if there was ever anyone who was going to bring us an easy tutorial featuring kerchiefs, it would have to be the guy who hilariously started HanksKerchiefs. After all, if you’ve gotta go out in public, you might as well do it safely and stylishly!