6th Graders At Colorado School Being Taught To Tackle And Disarm School Shooters

The possibility of a school shooting is a terrifying reality for American students in 2019. With lax gun laws and the government’s unwillingness to outright ban assault weapons or even make them harder to get, there’s always a chance that some maniac will wound and kill innocent people. It’s no wonder, then, that a Colorado charter school is attempting to protect its students by teaching them to fight back.

The Pinnacle Charter School in Federal Heights, Colorado recently hired the consulting firm Tac*One to teach both students and staff how to tackle, disarm, and detain a shooter until authorities arrive in the event of an active shooting.

In a rather disturbing video of the training released to Denver’s ABC 7 affiliate, a simulated shooting took place in which an assailant walked around the gymnasium waving a water gun as students and teachers worked together to rush the assailant and pin him to the ground. The faculty and the kids were also trained in CPR as well as methods for barricading classroom doors.

Luis Marquez, a seventh-grader at Pinnacle Charter School, told ABC 7 that he believed the drills were a positive thing since many of his peers, as well as the school’s faculty, are worried about a possible attack in future. However, he also expressed disappointment that the school had to resort to these lessons at all.

“I think it’s good but also sad that we have to learn this just because of society and how crazy it is,” Marquez admitted.

It’s believed that the decision to work with Tac*One to teach self-defense and other techniques came as a result of the news that students who rushed an active shooter earlier this year potentially thwarted further injuries and deaths. This led to the development of the “Run, Hide, Fight” approach to school shootings, the latter of which Pinnacle Charter seems to be focused on at the moment.