An incredible clip from a stand-up comedy show reveals the hypocrisy of capitalists who love to trot out the old “nobody wants to work anymore” line any time they own or patronize a business that can’t keep a staff, likely due to poor treatment and pay.

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The clip, currently blowing up on the Reddit “Antiwork” forum, comes courtesy of New York comedian Lucas Zelnick, who was doing crowd work and came across a couple that did his comedy for him.

After Zelnick asks audience member “Sophia,” what she does for a living, she immediately replies “nothing,” to the laughter of both the comedian and the rest of the crowd.

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“So he’s rich?” Zelnick asks, pointing to the man next to her.

Zelnick naturally then asks Sophia’s husband what he does, and he claims to work in a restaurant, but then reveals that he owns it, which is not the same thing. Sometimes owners do some work in the businesses they own, and sometimes they do something they claim is work but in reality they’re in the back room trying to catfish some poor 20-year-old on the internet.

Based on what this couple had to say about other people’s work ethics, we can guess which category this particular capitalist falls into.

“Nobody wants to work in a restaurant anymore,” says the husband bizarrely in response to the question about what kind of business he owns.

It’s like he was just aching to say the words.

They both were, in fact. Zelnick initially doesn’t call them out for hypocrisy, instead saying that they’re “asking the wrong guy,” likely in reference to the idea that stand-up comedians don’t work much, before pointing out that “there’s people working… this is a restaurant.”

Hopefully that couple already ate, because they probably weren’t going to want anything from the kitchen after that.

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The clip then jumps to show Sophia repeating her husband’s sentiment that, at least specifically at their restaurant, “nobody wants to work in a restaurant.”

“Oh, okay, so business isn’t good?” Zelnick zings.

“Business is good but nobody wants to work,” claims Sophia.

At this point, the key joke is impossible to ignore.

“No one wants to work?” says Zelnick. “You don’t have a job.”

The audience roars in laughter as the comedian himself doubles over before proceeding to roast this woman.

“That was so Kim Kardashian of you,” he quips.

“‘What do you do?’ ‘Nothing.’ Three minutes later: ‘Nobody works anymore.'”

All we can do now is wonder whether this incident brought any level of self-awareness into the minds of these capitalists, but experience tells us that it’s simply impossible. Meanwhile, Antiwork users are busy getting in a much-needed round of “I told you so” and telling stories about the restaurant owners they’ve worked for in order to confirm that yes, people like Sophia and her husband exist.

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*First Published: December 12, 2022, 12:26 pm