Woman Shares “Use Common Sense” Reminder Amid Stockpiling Chaos

The Covid-19 pandemic is making beasts of people. Whether we’re pretending to be infectious disease experts on Facebook, or we’re just acting out of fear that we won’t be able to fill our much-needed, life-saving prescriptions (a real growing concern), there’s a lot of anxiety, panic, racism, and hoarding going on.

One day, we’re gonna look back at 2020 and remember the time we treated every Target or Walmart like a department store on Black Friday…just so we could secure 52 weeks’ worth of toilet paper. It’s gotten so bad that Australia started leveraging their garden supply for bathroom time.

For all of you people out there ready to knock an old lady over in the housing goods aisle just to get as much toilet paper as you think you’ll need, check out this tweet shared by Twitter user @natfigbar, who shared a viral Facebook post about courtesy and kindness amid the coronavirus stockpiling panic.

A tweet by medical student Julia Simons echoes this sentiment nicely:

Obviously, the tweet struck a chord because the post went pretty viral.

Because there has been a LOT of toilet paper hoarding, let’s be real:

A lot of people claimed, though, that humans have always put survival and themselves first—a pretty bleak response.

People are kindly reminding others that the government recommends having just two weeks’ worth of supply. Unless something is very, profoundly wrong with your gut, that’s not 40 rolls of TP:

But in the end, we ARE stronger together—and when we think rationally, pragmatically, and with compassion toward others.