Conservative Blogger Whines About Target’s Pride Display And The Twitter Burns Are Beyond Hysterical

An American blogger, author, and self-described “asshole” by the name of Aaron Clarey is currently getting ratio’d on Twitter for posting a photo of Pride-themed shirts and dresses at Target and complaining that he just wants shoes. It’s unclear whether he tried the shoe section or if he was somehow so paralyzed by rainbows that he was unable to make it to the shoe section.

And here’s a screenshot, for provenance:


It’s also unclear why a guy who dresses like that for his Twitter profile photo would ever shop at Target, but go off?

Clarey has written such hits as Bachelor Pad Economics and The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better (Clarey is white) and has been a vocal critic of modern feminism. He also has a podcast, because of course he does, with installments featuring names such as “The ‘Hot Flight Attendants’ Episode.” He is the CEO of a company called “Asshole Consulting.”

So basically, he’s the kind of guy who thinks women should suck it up and deal with sexual harassment while trying to do their jobs but can’t handle the sight of too many rainbows clustered into one area.

It’s impressive that this guy doesn’t get ratio’d every day.

I hope it was worth the time it took to get out your phone, take the photo, and upload it to Twitter, Aaron.