It seems like every day is the day that someone figures out that some bit of media they enjoy has a political message, from Marvel movies containing characters that started out fighting literal Nazis to books that are clear allegories to resistance against authoritative regimes. But it takes a special kind of mental gymnastics to not realize that a band called “Rage Against the Machine” is political.

Yet here we are, in the year 2020, and conservatives on Twitter are getting upset that the creators of “Killing in the Name,” a song about how some police officers are KKK members, suddenly have “political opinions.”

The supposed “fan” who got the most attention for complaining due to the fact that guitarist Tom Morello responded to him has already deleted his account, probably due to the sheer volume of mockery he definitely received. According to the Independent, an individual named Scott Castaneda was unaware that the band was political or that they disbanded in 2000, returning occasionally for reunion tours but not putting out new music.

“I use to be a fan until your political opinions come out,” Scott wrote to them. “Music is my sanctuary and the last thing I want to hear is political bs when i’m listening to music.”

Good luck with that.

Morello responded with some well-deserved sarcasm.

Morello also responded amazingly to people complaining on his Instagram photo that included a guitar featuring the words “F*** TRUMP” (without asterisks, obviously).

There have reportedly been others like Scott on Twitter complaining way too late about an explicitly political band being political, but if their tweets haven’t already been deleted, they’ve been entirely drowned out by the people making fun of them.

Not that we’re complaining, because the jokes are hilarious.

Guerilla Radio isn’t a song about monkeys, either.

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*First Published: June 10, 2020, 1:05 pm