Monday was Memorial Day, a time to honor military veterans who died while serving their country. But for some, it wound up being a day of faux pas, as they accidentally paid tribute to John F. Kennedy’s murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald.

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The Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein got up to his old tricks, messaging prominent conservative figures with a photo of his “grandpa” and asking if they would retweet it to recognize him for his service.

“My grandpa’s a big fan of yours and is a veteran, he would be thrilled if you could RT this photo of him for Memorial Day,” a variation of the tweet read. “Here he is as a young Private First Class.”

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Klippenstein does this often, and makes news headlines every time, so it’s a wonder there are still folks who fall for it. And yet they do.

Dinesh D’Souza retweeted the request, Matt Gaetz added a patriotic American flag emoji, and Matt Schlapp, a conservative lobbyist and Fox News contributor, practically gushed.

“Wow @kenklippenstein it’s my honor to retweet the photo of a veteran on a day we remember his fallen friends. God bless your grandfather and [American flag emoji],” he wrote.

It’s also worth noting that Klippenstein changed his name to read “matt gaetz is a pedo” after the Florida Congressman, who is under investigation for sex trafficking of a minor, among other things, shared the tweet on his timeline.

Klippenstein’s antics got “Lee Harvey Oswald” trending on Twitter, as people lamented that, yet again, conservatives failed to recognize a photo of a prominent figure in American history.

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But perhaps the most outrageous part of it all was when Candace Owens threw herself into the conversation, blasting Klippenstein for “making a mockery of a day that is meant to memorialize men that died so that you and other anti-American leftists can laugh at their sacrifices by photoshopping a murderer into their uniforms.”

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One would think people whose lives revolve around politics, America, and specifically how “great” American history supposedly is would know a little bit more about it. But this familiar prank is proving yet again that that would be asking too much of the right’s loudest figures.

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*First Published: June 1, 2021, 7:22 am