The same people who legitimately believe that the assault on the Capitol on January 6 was a false flag operation by anti-fascists meant to make Trump supporters look bad simply cannot fathom the idea that Rep. Matt Gaetz could have engaged in the trafficking of underage girls, as he has been accused of.

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One TV writer for shows like Star Trek: Discovery and American Gods shared images posted online by someone he knew from college — one pushing the idea that climate activist Greta Thunberg was in the Capitol with a fake mustache and another speculating that “grease ball” Matt Gaetz is the victim of a “smear job.”

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“Both of these IG stories were posted by a woman I went to college with, one right after the insurrection and one today,” wrote Tyler Dinucci.

The image on the left highlights a particular insurrectionist from one of the most widely-circulated images from the attempted coup, zooming in on his face and comparing it to a photo of Thunberg. Though the two share some resemblances, it’s flimsy enough that most people have difficulty figuring out whether it’s meant to be a joke.

Dinucci, however, insisted that the woman he went to college was being entirely serious when she shared it when he first tweeted about her back in January.

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The image on the right in Dinucci’s latest post about this woman lists her various reasons for doubting the allegations against Gaetz.

“I like Matt Gaetz policies (no endless wars and free Britney!) and I’m willing to bet it’s a smear job and he’s not a pedo,” she wrote. “Maybe he’s a bit of a grease ball but until there’s credible evidence he’s a pedo sex trafficker/predator then I don’t have reason to change my mind.”

The Department of Justice is currently working on gathering credible evidence, including looking into claims that he started a “game” among his colleagues in which they shared nude photos of women they’d had sex with and awarded each other “points” for their “conquests.” Also, to be clear, the free Britney movement has little if anything to do with Matt Gaetz. All he did was propose that congress hold a hearing on the topic of conservatorship, which is fine but falls short of “policies.”

It’s also fun to remember the time that a gunman terrorized a pizza restaurant because Trump supporters were absolutely sure it held a Democrat-run pedophile sex trafficking ring in its basement. The restaurant, however, did not even have a basement. That man was later sentenced to four years in prison.

Other individuals from the same group chat have confirmed Dinucci’s claims in the replies, while others tell similar stories of people they know going down the conspiracy tubes.

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*First Published: April 7, 2021, 1:11 pm