Police pointing guns at and arresting black couple over alleged stolen $1 doll

Cops Hold Black Pregnant Mom At Gunpoint Over $1 Doll Allegedly ‘Stolen’ By Toddler

Multiple intensely disturbing videos of Phoenix police officers pointing guns and threatening to kill a black family that included a four-year-old, a one-year-old baby, and a visibly pregnant woman are blowing up the internet right now as people demand justice for this terrorized family.

According to reports, the family was pulled over due to an anonymous call claiming that the family had shoplifted a doll from the Dollar Store that was priced at 99 cents. Some are reporting that the doll was taken by the four-year-old without her parents’ knowledge, but according to Heavy, police officers failed to recover any doll from the car.

Regardless of whether the doll was intentionally stolen, many thousands of people have already expressed their outrage after the videos began to go viral Friday afternoon, saying that the police response was grossly out of scope with the alleged crime and that guns should never be pointed at little children.

The incident occurred on May 29, though the complaint against the police and videos from the incident are just surfacing now. Dravon Ames, the driver, can be seen getting his face slammed against a police cruiser by one officer, then kicked in the legs and punched in the back. While that happens, another officer repeatedly screams at his pregnant fiance, Iesha Harper, while she is still in the vehicle, demanding she open a broken door and put her hands up while she holds her infant child.

Officers can be heard shouting things like “you’re gonna f*****g get shot” and “I’m gonna put a cap right in your f*****g head” in front of the children. The complaint alleges that an officer tried to yank the one-year-old out of the mother’s arms, injuring the infant’s shoulder, and told the mother as she was being cuffed that he could have “shot you in front of your f*****g kids.”

Local politicians and clergy have condemned the police conduct evident in the videos, including Arizona state Senator Martín Quezada.

The names of the officers involved have not been released as the police department “investigates” the disturbing incident. According to the complaint, the four-year-old girl has since been having nightmares and wetting the bed when she hadn’t before.

People across the country are flooding Twitter with outrage over what they see as a clear case of severe police brutality over nothing.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams is calling for an investigation into this incident by the Professional Standards Bureau.