Pennsylvania police were unable to explain why a Black man was tased multiple times and violently detained following his purchase of a bicycle at a local Walmart. According to witnesses, the man had been testing the bike by riding it inside the store, all the while wishing the people around him a good day. Riding the merchandise inside might be against store policy, but many feel that any response from the police was unnecessary, let alone what was done in the video captured by a bystander.

In the video, which starts as the arrest is already happening, the man can be heard stating several times that “I didn’t do anything” and “I paid,” offering to show the officers his receipt as they deploy the taser and wrestle him to the ground. They refuse to answer him as he repeatedly asks why they’re arresting him.

The witness states that the Black man was not bothering anybody and was in the process of paying when the police aggression started.

She goes on to say that the man was forced out of the store and to a waiting police car, where he again began to protest the violent treatment. In response, the officers tied his feet with a belt. They continued to refuse to state the reason for the arrest even as multiple witnesses asked.

Eventually, the only reason given for this violence was “disorderly conduct.” The woman who took the video strongly felt that nothing the Black man did necessitated this kind of brutal response from the police.

Another witness posted a longer video to Reddit that shows the taser being deployed and the man being taken out of the store.

This is far from the first time that a Black man has faced police brutality after being playful in a Walmart. John Crawford III was shot and killed by officers in 2014 because he was holding a BB gun and allegedly “waving it around” inside the store.

During a time of civil unrest over police brutality that disproportionately targets Black individuals, this video is not sitting well with people, with many pointing out that riding a bike inside a Walmart is a common occurrence and should not be an arrestable offense.

The Wyomissing Police Department investigated themselves in regard to this incident and found that they did nothing wrong.

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*First Published: July 21, 2020, 2:14 pm