Anti-Vaxxers Think Coronavirus Is A Ploy To Enforce Mandatory Vaccinations

With the coronavirus spreading and people beginning to consider what the next months will look like as the world tries to get this virus under control, the topic of a potential vaccination has been coming up often.

Experts have said it could be up to another year and a half before a vaccine is created, tested, and available to the public, and while most people who like staying alive and not getting sick are anxiously hoping that day comes sooner, one group is already fretting over it coming at all.

That’s right. The anti-vaxxers are freaking out about a possible coronavirus vaccination.

Vice outlines the spread of a number of conspiracy theories related to coronavirus across anti-vaxxer Facebook groups.

Many of these theories ultimately tie back to the idea that the governments of the world are creating panic in order to herd everyone towards what will eventually be a mandatory vaccination.

The reasoning these “truthers” give for the government wanting us all to be vaccinated varies from general control over a terrified population to the idea that something darker is being covered up by the whole situation. One popular and completely baseless theory is that the whole thing is somehow linked to the rollout of 5G technology.

The anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory narratives largely rely on the belief that a vaccine will appear soon.

If this was a carefully calculated move by the evil vaccine-loving governments of the world, all as part of a ploy to stick needles in your precious children and fill them with chemicals, then it stands to reason that a vaccine would have been prepared and tested in advance of a crisis.

Obviously, if people are ultimately able to be vaccinated sooner than experts originally anticipated, that still doesn’t mean the coronavirus has just been one big ploy to stick it to anti-vaxxers.

But that won’t stop their conspiracy theories from spreading across social media, especially as Facebook does little to prevent the spread of misinformation.

“Make no mistake, the purpose of the Coronavirus is to help usher in vaccine mandates,” wrote Larry Cook, founder of the notoriously absurd Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook page. “Be Woke. Know the Plan. Prepare. Resist.”

Make no mistake, the purpose of the Coronavirus is to help usher in vaccine mandates. Be Woke. Know the Plan. Prepare. Resist.

Posted by Larry Cook on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

His post, and others like it, have been like a homing beacon to other anti-vaxxers who have in turn shared even more unfounded fears about mandatory vaccinations and conspiracy theories about what the true nefarious purpose of the coronavirus is.

In reality, we can’t even get the American government to deny the whole thing is a Democrat-driven hoax to discredit President Trump, let alone commit to making any future vaccine affordable to all people, but sure, this worldwide health crisis is definitely all about making vaccinations mandatory. What’s next—mandatory free health care?! Now there’s a conspiracy theory.