Vic Dibitetto/YouTube

People Are Loving This Man’s Rant About Ineffective Stimulus Checks

People on social media are rallying behind an impassioned New Yorker’s rant about the coronavirus stimulus checks and the government’s response to massive unemployment levels. New York comedian Vic DiBitetto posted a video venting his frustrations with the government’s lackluster policies to help Americans who are out of work.

In “Ticked Off Vic: A Message to the Government,” DiBitetto ranted about how he hates “having to tell the government what to do because they have their heads in their a**es.”

“Dear Government: We understand the virus is not ‘your fault’. It happened,” he said. “It is what it is. I’m not going to get into that idea that maybe you could have acted sooner. We can deal with that when this is all over. But here’s the deal… We need a real f*cking plan.”

DiBitetto said his main problem is that the government said it would help, but so far many citizens are dissatisfied with the assistance they are receiving.

“It was the right move to make everyone stay home because that’s the only way to deal with a virus like this, but here’s where I have a problem. You told us to shut down non-essential businesses. You told us to go home and quarantine. You told us we have to keep social distance and stay inside. But you told us you would help. So where is the fucking help?” DiBitetto asked.

DiBitetto pointed out that $1200 might cover rent or a mortgage for one month, but it likely won’t cover all other expenses. On top of that, many people will be out of work for more than one month.

“Maybe the $1200 covers the mortgage, but what about all the other costs that we have each month? This $1200 thing isn’t doing sh*t for the normal working family,” he said. “You wanna help? Here’s one idea. Tell the f*cking banks and mortgage companies to stop all mortgage payments at this time. Just stop them. And don’t give me that three-month furlough bullsh*t.”

DiBitetto questioned how everyday people who were laid off for three months are supposed to pay back those expenses when they return to work, asking “how does [furlough] help, you greedy c*cksuckers?”

He also pointed out the hypocrisy of criticizing everyday workers for not having enough savings, while large corporations need a bailout “after two weeks of a shutdown.”

“What is up with these banks and lending a**holes?” DiBitetto said. “Come on, you literally make billions of dollars in profit quarterly. That’s every three months. The last crash was ten years ago. So you have ten years of massive profits and you need a bailout after two weeks of a shutdown? How come we the people have to save for a rainy day, but you save nothing? Every f*cking quarter that you made three billion in profit, not income, profit […] if you had just put 1 billion in the bank you’d have 40 billion in the bank after ten years.”

DiBitetto’s message resonated strongly with viewers who are dissatisfied with the government’s response to the pandemic

“This guy for president,” said Krystal Ball, host of Rising.

Some viewers even preferred DiBitetto’s message to that of the Democratic presidential candidates.

“It’s not too late to substitute this guy for Biden,” one Twitter user said.

“The energy and outrage we need in our politicians,” another user said.

DiBitetto ended his video urging politicians and people in power to do better to help everyday workers who are struggling during the pandemic.

“Shame on you all,” DiBitetto said. “There could be a real plan in place […] do the right f*cking thing.”