Coronavirus Screening Causing Massive Lines At U.S. Airports

On Saturday, the government had to start attempting to implement Donald Trump’s ban on travel from Europe. That means a lot of people from Europe who needed to get back to the U.S. headed there immediately, according to the New York Times. This resulted in huge crowds slamming airports. People are saying they waited over seven hours just to get through customs, which is under the control of the federal government.

An American student named Paige Hardy posted a video of the confusing messages people on board her flight were getting about how to deal with the situation awaiting them on the ground:

A woman named Katy posted a photo of the scene at O’Hare in Chicago that quickly went viral, and later updated that she was held up there for 4.5 hours:

At DFW in Dallas, it was a similar problem, and this Twitter user says people were coughing and sneezing the whole time they waited, all crammed together:

News anchor Christina Watkins showed a picture in New Orleans of people lined up to fly out, which is also a problem:

Trump has denied that there’s a grave issue, to which people have responded that the airports herding people in have been asking questions and taking temperatures as people return and this is insufficient screening. Many have said there were no wipes, masks, or hand sanitizer anywhere:

Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, has tweeted that they’re aware of the long lines and crowding, too:

The huge crowds of people returning specifically because they’re coming from countries with big COVID-19 outbreaks is bad news. The best way to fight this virus is by not infecting each other, practicing social distancing, and quarantining people who are infected. Of course, it’s pretty hard to know who is infected because the U.S. is irresponsibly behind on testing and treatment. If you have the ability to stay home and not spread this virus, please take it: be better than the president of the United States.