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Costco “Karen” Protests Mask Policy By Sitting In The Middle Of The Floor

The coronavirus outbreak really has Americans deeply confused as to what qualifies as a “Constitutional right.” It seems like every single day, we’re getting a new viral video featuring some diehard anti-masker insisting that frolicking through privately owned businesses coughing on whosoever they please is one of the freedoms they get to celebrate just for being born on a chunk of land south of the Canadian border.

Costco’s already seen a couple of these determined shoppers (that we know of), but they had a new one recently in the form of an elderly Karen who decided if the store wouldn’t honor her “Constitutional right” not to wear a mask (note: this is not actually a Constitutional right), she was going to protest by sitting down on the floor and, uh…well, we’re not actually sure what her goal was beyond that.

Take a look:

The employee tasked with wrangling this confrontational grandma maintained a level of politeness so unwavering that she should definitely win some sort of award. Hopefully one that involves never having to deal with these types of customers ever again.

After Costco Karen declares she absolutely will not put her mask on (as it dangles from her face), the employee guides her towards the door, but the woman instead opts to plot down on the concrete in the middle of the walkway. Eventually the employee gets her to at least move out of the way of oncoming carts.

An extended version of the video also shows the employee explaining to the woman that if she has a medical condition, she can let her know, but the woman says she does not.

“I am a United States citizen,” she responds instead.

“Okay, well you have to wear your mask in public though,” the Costco employee reiterates. “It’s private property.”

Karen being Karen... hats off to these Costco employees 👏👏👏, first they had to deal with toilet paper bandits now...

Posted by Souriya Songkham on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The general manager eventually comes to talk to the woman, though a follow up video is taken at too far of a distance for us to hear how the confrontation ultimately resolved. We do, however, get the pleasure of seeing Costco Karen storm out of the store and fling her mask onto the ground.

Enjoy your freedoms, Karen! But outside of Costco, unless you want to go back and put on the freaking mask like a responsible citizen.