Woman Filmed Deliberately Coughing On People After Being Called Out For Not Wearing A Mask

A new enemy has risen on the Internet, and her name is Coughing Karen. A video taken in Astoria, Queens, and shared by Ally Goodbaum, shows a white woman in a bagel shop with no mask on. The video starts when there is already a conflict happening, so we don’t see how it starts, but it ends with this Karen going over and deliberately coughing on everyone in the corner, calling them a bunch of “p*ssies.”

Goodbaum wrote that “words truly cannot express my disappointment in humanity these days” and that though there are bigger issues in the world, she didn’t want this sort of behavior to go unaddressed.

“I was at New York City Bagel Coffee House on Broadway and 30th Street getting my bagel and noticed a patron (pictured below) who was coughing, not covering her mouth, and not wearing a mask,” she writes. “I politely pointed this out to the woman working at the store and told her that the store should enforce masks to worn by patrons while inside the store.

“The unmasked patron overheard my complaint and became enraged yelling at me calling me names claiming she has covid antibodies and doesn’t need to wear a mask in public so I should mind my own F’ing business. She then proceeded to come towards me and repeatedly cough on me as seen in this video.”

She says she shared the video to urge people to “please choose kindness in these situations.”

Words truly cannot express my disappointment in humanity these days. I know there are bigger problems in the nation...

Posted by Ally Goodbaum on Saturday, June 6, 2020

But she also trashed the business, saying she’ll never go back there because none of the employees asked if she was okay.

“They were failing to follow the guidelines in many ways,” Goodbaum told the Daily Dot of New York City Bagel & Coffee House, noting that there was no sign outside the store outlining a mask policy.

That seems kind of unfair to me, since the issue is really the horrible woman, who is probably one of many these employees have to deal with on a daily basis for minimum wage. The Bagel shop responded, writing that the woman’s behavior “is unacceptable in our establishment” and noting that “customers and employees MUST wear a mask in all our stores.” They apologized for “the horrific behavior of this woman.”

Posted by New York City Bagel & Coffee House on Saturday, June 13, 2020

Luckily, the Internet is more interested in the woman who coughed:

Somewhat comically, you can sort of see the exact moment where she realizes she’s being filmed in this absolutely outrageous moment. She kind of makes eye contact with the camera, and her life flashes before her eyes—she sees her future cancellation:

It does seem like a lot of people have figured out who she is, and she has gone nuclear on her social media accounts. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to wear a mask?