Courtney Friel and Donald Trump

Former Fox News Reporter Says She Rejected Donald Trump’s Advances

Former reporter Courtney Friel, who once worked as an occasional substitute host on Fox and Friends, has come forward to say that Donald Trump suggested she come by his office “to kiss” in her new book, Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News. Friel now works as a reporter at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, but her memoir will be focusing on a lot of the stuff that went on behind the camera, according to the Daily News, including a come-on from the president of the United States.

A snippet of this story frames the make-out suggestion in an almost playful way, though both Friel and Trump were married at the time of the alleged proposition. Trump supposedly called Friel on her office line after she mentioned she was interested in being a judge at the Miss USA beauty pageant.

Trump then told her she was the “hottest one at Fox News,” presumably meaning hottest woman.

“Though he said I couldn’t be a judge since I worked at a different network, he did ask me about my career goals and complimented my work at FNC,” Friel writes. “Then, out of nowhere, he said: ‘You should come up to my office sometime, so we can kiss.”

She says she was shocked but replied as politely as possible.

“’Donald,’ I responded, ‘I believe we’re both married.’ I quickly ended the call…This proposition made it difficult for me to report with a straight face on Trump running for president. It infuriated me that he would call all the women who shared stories of his bold advances liars. I totally believe them,” she added.

“At least now I can joke that I could have banged the President—but I passed,” Friel concludes.

Considering all the other things Donald Trump had been accused of, this was pretty tame, and as Courtney Friel says of those other accusations, totally believable. It’s lucky she didn’t go to his office for an in-person interview before he made that suggestion or who knows what would be in her tell-all book now. Friel tweeted about the story, saying it was one of many and also asserting that a colleague witnessed the conversation on her side of the call:

Yet another story about Donald Trump being a creep for the books.