Donald Trump tweet suggesting covfefe has a deep meaning

Trump Revives Old ‘Covfefe’ Tweet: ‘May Be Something With Deep Meaning’

Many ridiculous Trump tweets have been tweeted since the fateful “covfefe” moment that perplexed and amused the nation, but this particular misfire just won’t die thanks to the president’s continued insistence on suggesting that it wasn’t a typo, but rather a mysterious message that only certain people will understand.

This is all thanks to someone naming their racing horse “Covfefe” soon after the initial tweet only to find that the horse is a winner.

Adding another layer to the weirdness is the fact that Trump didn’t retweet the initial Daily Caller tweet, but instead retweeted frequent Fox News guest and businessman Mitch Roschelle, who responded to the article with a simple hashtag. This managed to obscure the very statement that Trump was responding to because after all these years, he is still terrible at Twitter.

Trump may simply be trolling here, but he’s also bad at that. Rather than ignoring the issue or making the people who laughed at him for the original 2017 covfefe tweet look bad, it just looks like his ego is so fragile that he can’t admit to a simple online mistake.

Others are just absolutely exhausted over the fact that covfefe is back.

Some Trump supporters are still trying to claim that covfefe does indeed have some kind of deep meaning that the left is for some reason trying to suppress.

Non-Trump-supporters have different ideas.

When will the nightmare be over?