Woman yelling at people about the supposed dangers of wearing masks

“We All Get Colds”—Another Protestor Caught On Camera Railing Against Masks

Yet another protestor has been filmed threatening store employees with lawsuits because the establishment is requiring people to wear masks in order to enter. The video begins with her apparently filming or taking photos of signs on the shop’s doors and windows while completely ignoring the notices about the store’s other rules, including “no food, no drink, no pets.”

The Karen goes on to claim that stores requiring people to wear masks to shop is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (it’s not) and launches into a full Facebook conspiracy theory rant about how wearing masks for 30 minutes at a time is what will make people sick.

“Seriously, think about it,” she says to some poor off-camera soul. “You’re breathing out your toxic air, and you’re breathing in the same air. You’re making your lungs, you’re killing your antibodies.”

Humans do release low levels of carbon dioxide upon exhaling, but it is not enough to be “toxic” to us, even while wearing a mask of some kind. In fact, you can do so all day and be perfectly fine. Just ask surgeons or cosplay enthusiasts. Also, antibodies are blood proteins the body produces in response to the detection of foreign entities in the body such as viruses and harmful bacteria and can’t be harmed or suppressed by wearing a mask.

But Karen wasn’t done. The woman off-screen attempts to argue with the Karen, saying her mask protects her from getting sick.

“No, baby, that’s not what’s going to make you sick. You’re alive,” Karen says, strangely, to the woman. “Go look on the package and it will tell you it will not protect you from COVID-19.” It gets weirder.

“You are hurting yourself,” says Karen. “Don’t, stop being lied to. They want to kill all the Mexicans, they want to kill all the black people, they want to kill everybody.” She also mentions at one point that “all of this is made up by Bill Gates”—a common COVID conspiracy theory, and one that is believed by half of Fox News viewers, according to a new poll.

The person taking the video asks the Karen at this point if she believes that COVD-19 even exists, which she says she does, with a stipulation:

“I believe there’s a virus, but it’s not what they say. It’s like any other virus. They have 98, 99 percent cure, 99 percent cure. So what kind of a virus is that?”

A fairly lethal one for this day and age. Determining a cure rate during a global pandemic is tricky to say the least as many cases are likely going uncounted and disputes have popped up around the actual number of deaths, but there have been over five million cases of COVID-19 counted globally. One percent fatality among five million people amounts to 50,000 deaths. There have been over 300,000 deaths counted worldwide from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the fatality rate from the flu sits at about 0.01 percent. So it’s no surprise that people are dunking on this woman so hard.

She’s just trying to save the Mexicans, though, right?