As more and more people get their COVID vaccines, conspiracy theories seem to abound. Folks seem to have a lot of wild (and false) ideas about this vaccine—and the latest idea is that it makes you magnetic somehow.

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Obviously, the COVID vaccine does not make you magnetic—that’s not how any of this works—but on social media people are sharing how, after they received the vaccine, magnets seem to stick to their skin.

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They’re showing off their new “superpower” (Is it a superpower? Is it lotion? Is it grit? Sweat?) on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms and challenging others to give it a try.

“Vaccine magnet” conspiracy theorists believe them were injected with something that has altered their body chemistry. Maybe a microchip because they’re such a fascinating person?

Apparently, the first example of the magnet conspiracy theory is a May 9th Facebook post by user “kristopher.columbus.37” who appears to find a conspiracy relating to just about everything. They posted a short video clip of a woman in a tank top and mask putting a metallic object on her arm and watching as it sticks—the very arm she claims she got the Pfizer vaccine in! On her unvaccinated arm, a similar object is placed and does not stick. Then, she says that she has been “chipped.”

"WE'RE CHIPPED AND WE'RE ALL FUCKED!Couldn't have put it better myself…you were warned. Magnet appears to stick to embedded chip following shot.Fact checker will be on this post in a week now

Posted by Kristopher Columbus on Sunday, May 9, 2021

Other videos followed suit, with the conspiracy theory actually hitting late-night television when Jimmy Kimmel called theorists “magnet morons.”

So what’s the deal?

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There’s no scientific reason to believe that vaccines include the amount of metal that would be needed to cause you to become magnetic. In fact, if the amount of metal that would attract a magnet (about a gram) were to be injected into your arm, it would probably cause a lump as well as severe pain.

So relax. You don’t have superpowers. Go back to reading about aliens or cryptids, they’re way more interesting.

Featured Image: Facebook

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*First Published: May 21, 2021, 1:16 pm