For some time now, there has been increasing public awareness into the trend of companies trying to creep into their employees’ outside lives and become their biggest (or only) priority. Often, warning signs of this kind of work culture can be found in the form of job postings and corporate PR about the company being a “family,” which allows them to ask for unreasonable sacrifices from their workers that would usually be reserved only for actual family members.

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Many have already identified this type of work culture as creepy, but Dry Farm Wines took it to the next level by putting out a job ad that sounds a little more like a pamphlet from someone trying to get people to join their cult.

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The job is for a “compliance manager,” who ensures that a company is correctly following all the regulations put in place for operations that produce substances like alcohol. It’s a very important job best fit to a meticulous and detail-oriented person, probably with a legal background. However, the list of things that Dry Farm Wines wants their compliance manager to be is pretty much everything, with being “passionate” and “a lover” at the top of the list. Somehow, the lawyer should also be a Communications major and a health expert, with psychic abilities, preferably.

But it gets much worse in the next section of the ad, which produces a red flag right out the gate by being titled “Our Culture.”

“We consider ourselves more than a wine company,” reads the first paragraph. “At Dry Farm Wines, we are a Family that believes in the power of optimal health, good taste, artisan farmers, and a strong community. We meditate together daily, share health advice, indulge in artistic creation, travel to source wines, host large family dinners, and share our love of pure Natural Wines. For us, this is not a business; it’s a lifestyle.”

And there are all the rest of the red flags possible for a company that will consume your life and utterly ignore expected boundaries. However, it’s not just employees who will end up part of the “family.”

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“We call ourselves a Family, and this includes all of us, our significant others, Partners, Growers, and Members. As a Family, we frequently dine together, cook together, and travel together. All of us – including spouses, partners, and +1s – are loved unconditionally. This love and support is our highest value. We radiate this love to each other and, collectively, we radiate the light of this love to the world around us.”

They might not be able to sound more like a cult masquerading as a wine company if they tried. The ad does then take a small paragraph to claim that they value their employees’ “private time” as though this is not contradicted by the entirety of the rest of the post. The next section list their “DFW Culture Requirements” which they describe as “non-negotiable,” including mandatory daily meditation and “gratefulness practice” as well as frequent “family meals” and travel on “very short notice.”

But they value workers’ personal time. Totally.

The ad concludes with a list of 15 essay questions the applicant must answer to be considered for the job. Or, as many Twitter users believe, considered for admission to Jonestown 2.

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*First Published: July 29, 2021, 11:51 am