Changing Tables Must Be Available In New York Men’s Rooms

All new and renovated New York buildings with public restrooms must provide a changing table in the men’s room. This is according to a law that went into effect Jan. 1 this year.

All businesses and public facilities must abide by the law and buildings with multiple floors must have at least one changing table per floor.

The law is a long time coming, too. For years, fathers have been speaking out about the minimal or lack-of changing options in public men’s rooms.

Five years ago, a man’s letter prompted Macy’s to install a changing table in its men’s room.

For non-men, it’s surprising to think so many parents do not have access to basic (and we mean basic) childcare services like a changing table. But, changing diapers is still considered women’s work, and it’s hurting parents everywhere.

This past summer, diaper brand Pampers pledged to install changing tables in 5,000 men’s rooms across America and Canada.

In 2016, President Barack Obama signed Bathrooms Accessible In Every Situation (BABIES) Act into law. The act requires changing tables in all restrooms within publicly accessible federal buildings. The New York law takes things a step further and requires changing tables in all public facilities.