“The Daily Show” Rounded Up Trump’s Most Awkward 2019 Speaking Blunders

Since President Trump has taken office, American citizens (and, really, the rest of the entire world) have had to endure his speaking gaffes, lies, delusional speeches, manic early-morning tweets, verbal explosions, bullying language, and nonsensical rhetoric.

Thankfully, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show compiled several minutes of Trump’s 2019 speaking blunders—just in time for the holidays!

We all know Trump “KNOWS WORDS” and has the “BEST WORDS”…but he made some serious goofs this year, and people are out with pitchforks—you know, since everything is a “witch hunt” these days.

Like when he said “infantroopen” instead of “infantry.”

And “Veneswaylass” instead of “Venezuela.”

And referred to former National Security Adviser John Bolton as “Mike” Bolton.

And…whatever this is:

It’s OK. You can laugh. Everyone else is…

Naturally, people have been wondering what’s wrong with Trump. For a long time, folks have questioned whether the president was living with dementia or some other cognitive issue (we’d know if his doctors didn’t keep clearing him with a “perfect bill of health.”)

In fact, people have seen a definitive decline in his speech abilities.

Now, we know his job is stressful. We know he’s not the youngest guy around, either. But if there’s something going on, America deserves to know. That, and we’d like his tax returns, please.