Daily Wire Hosts Roasted For Saying ‘Comedy Is Inherently Masculine’

Some men hosting a roundtable for the Daily Wire, the conservative news outlet headed by Ben Shapiro, who was also part of the discussion, decided to talk on camera about how women aren’t funny unless they’re acting like dudes. The four white men sitting in black leather chairs smoking cigars in a studio with one brick wall and shelves with random alcohol bottles on them all agreed that it is “true” that “comedy is inherently masculine” and any women that draw laughs are “emulating a man.”

The men cite Sarah Silverman and Roseanne Barr as women who are very funny but only because they’re acting like men, though they do not explain how. One also claims that there are things that are “inherently feminine, and men can do them,” but do not give examples. Perhaps they were thinking of cleaning up after men and/or remaining barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?

Shapiro chimes in at the end of the video clip to claim that “men purport to be invulnerable and humor is about vulnerability,” saying that his wife “laughs her ass off” any time he hits his head but he wouldn’t laugh if she hit her head.

It is slightly possible that Ben Shapiro’s wife hates him. Or he has no sense of humor. Pick one, Ben.

Another of the men cites Norm Macdonald, who was resoundingly condemned last year for talking trash about the #MeToo movement, for a statement that should close the book on whether or not Norm is a misogynist.

“Norm MacDonald makes this great observation that whenever you’re a kid and you hear a group of kids laughing and you’d run over there, he says there would never be a broad standing there. And it’s true,” he says.

Is it, though? Because some of these responses from women are funnier than Norm Macdonald could ever dream of being.

Maybe Norm and the rest of these men were just brought up in sexist environments and never challenged their assumptions and thus remain sexist? Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl.