White woman throwing groceries out of her cart

Supermarket “Karen” Goes Viral For Food-Throwing Tantrum After Being Asked To Wear A Mask

Yet another Karen was caught on video taking her anger about out on a bunch of her groceries because she was asked to wear a mask during a pandemic. The incident occurred at a Fiesta Market grocery store in Dallas, Texas after the young woman was allowed to shop maskless but was asked to wear protection before joining the checkout line.

According to Heavy, the woman’s tirade was so full of profanity that the following quote is about 40 percent asterisks.

“Over a dumb*** motherf*****g mask … f****n dumb. I don’t give a f**k, I’m from Dallas. Your dumb*** motherf*****g rules and your dumb*** motherf*****g s**t. Put all that s**t the f**k back. I don’t give a f**k. I got a f*****g mask,” she says.

Many have noted the odd detail that this woman appears to be holding a mask in her hand as she goes on her tantrum. It’s unclear why she bothered to bring her own mask into the store if she was just going to act like this when asked to put it on.

This latest grocery Karen comes soon after a Trader Joe’s Karen hit the internet on Saturday, filmed as she screamed claims about having a “breathing problem” and called other shoppers “Democratic pigs.”

These incidents have been so absurd that people are beginning to speculate whether they’re being staged for the sake of attention, though no one can explain why anyone would want this kind of attention to be plastered on the internet forever.

The good news is that the act of throwing items out of the shopping cart made for a great gif opportunity that can be used to describe every anti-masker in the country.

Thank you, David Wischer.

Others are pointing out that white people are mostly always able to get away with this kind of behavior in the U.S., while BIPOC cannot.

Did people act like this when stores started hanging those “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs?