Bernie Sanders and Den Crenshaw with tweet accusing Sanders of pandering to veterans
Phil Roeder / Gage Skidmore

Fellow Veterans Roast Dan Crenshaw After He Attacks Bernie Sanders For Tweet About Veteran Healthcare

Dan Crenshaw, infamous eye-patched Texas Republican, attacked Bernie Sanders for “pandering” after the Democratic presidential candidate tweeted that countries shouldn’t go to war if they can’t afford to take care of their veterans. Crenshaw, a veteran himself, said that he “didn’t go to war so that you would take care of me, Bernie.”

That’s really easy to say when you have enough money to take care of yourself no matter what happens to you while other veterans are dying in the streets and dying by suicide because they can’t pay their medical bills.

It’s also interesting that Crenshaw himself has benefited from the very programs that Sanders has fought for. According to an article in the Military Times, the congressman has himself admitted that he “received care at four different VA facilities since his return from the war.”

He may not have gone to war so the country would take care of him, but the country has taken care of him regardless.

Crenshaw’s bewildering attack on Sanders comes after a Navy veteran with a terminal genetic disease told the Vermont senator he was considering killing himself over health insurance issues:

Will Goodwin of VoteVets took issue with Crenshaw’s tweet while agreeing with Sanders.

“Veterans don’t go to war for benefits, but they expect our politicians will keep their word to take care of them when they get home,” said Goodwin according to Shareblue Media. “Bernie is right—if politicians aren’t ready to keep their word to our war veterans, they should not launch wars.”

He’s not the only one to take issue.

Maybe you don’t speak for all veterans, Dan.