Evangelical Businessman Says People With Debt Should Work In Restaurants, Not Eat At Them

Look out, everybody, a rich guy has opinions about what the rest of us should do with our money. Today, it’s Dave Ramsey, Evangelical Christian and failed businessman-turned-radio-show-host, who spends most of his days telling people what to do with their money on “The Dave Ramsey Show,” one of the top ten most listened to radio shows/podcasts in the U.S.

He also has a Twitter account, regrettably. And if you’re paying off debt, he thinks the only time you should be in a restaurant is if you’re serving people with more money than you.

Ramsey posted this on Monday without follow-up and the ratio is pretty rough. Nearly 900 people have jumped in to comment that most people in the U.S. today have some form of debt and we would like to sometimes have fun. Also, we don’t want all of our favorite local restaurants to go out of business, which is what would happen if everyone with debt stopped going out to eat.

It’s unclear whether Ramsey means all restaurants or if he’s even aware that restaurants exist where you can go and drop less than $20 per person on a decent meal or whether he or the people defending him have ever felt the crushing weight of debt and real financial stress. Sometimes you just need a meal that you didn’t make yourself.

Ramsey’s sentiment is part of a long tradition of people who have money treating the issue of poverty as though it’s 100 percent the fault of the poor. They must be spending all their money on frivolous things like the occasional trip to Applebee’s and clothes that don’t look like they came directly out of the dumpster.

The millions of us with student loans and medical debt are more than a little sick of it.

Remember, folks, mental breakdowns are expensive. They cost a lot more than the occasional trip to Joe’s Cafe.