Delivering Packages While Black: UPS Employee Harassed By White Woman For Making Her “Nervous”

It seems like we can’t go a week without a video of some white woman harassing a person of color and calling the police because they don’t like where they’re standing. This video was published by Twitter account Black With No Chaser and was filmed by a UPS driver as he attempted to deliver packages on a street with a woman who doesn’t have anything better to do. It’s pretty infuriating!

In the video, the woman says he car has been broken into and that her street is a corridor for vandalism and demands the man’s name. It seems as though the argument has been going on for some time and she is incredibly condescending. He shows that he is wearing a UPS uniform and is pushing a large cart full of packages. It couldn’t be clearer what he is up to, and he refuses to give her his name. Which is good, because it is none of her damn business!

As condescending and obnoxious this woman may be in the first video, she’s actually probably even worse in the second. She says she’s called the police because she didn’t like his attitude. Then his white co-worker appears and her tone totally changes. She ignores the black UPS worker to talk to the new white person on the scene, claiming he made her feel “nervous.” So nervous she stood there talking to him and threatening him, huh?

This racist white lady’s behavior is disgusting, but not too surprising. People in the comments shared a few similar stories, and commiserated with the man just trying to do his job:

Saying, “Mind your business” to white people who harass black people in the street and call the police on them when they don’t like the response doesn’t seem to have much effect. But if you’re the white UPS guy, don’t just stand there nodding like it’s okay. Still tell them to mind their business and defend your co-workers.