This 3-Year-Old’s Song “Dinosaurs In Love” Is So Good That Spotify Asked For It To Drop

The world needs something beautiful and adorable and heart-wrenchingly compassionate, doesn’t it? In the midst of political chaos and public grief, a three-year-old child named Fenn came through for us with an impossibly beautiful (and sad) ballad about the dinosaurs falling in love and dying (!!!).

Fenn’s song was shared to Twitter by her dad, Tom Rosenthal, an English singer-songwriter and composer who writes perfectly constructed pop-songs, according to reviewers. Apparently, he passed his skills onto his daughter. Ps: Grab a tissue.

Rosenthal spoke to BuzzFeed about his daughter’s vision: “I genuinely couldn’t tell you why she wanted to do a song about dinosaurs. She’s got no particular affiliation with dinosaurs at all.”

Whatever the reason, Fenn’s got skills. With her dad throwing in a bit of piano backing, the song full-on slaps in the way an Adele or Kate Nash tune might. And people are LOVING its emotionality.

Hard same, little guy:

But there were some hilarious responses too:

Like, this joke was a freebie:

Even the Natural History Museum of London shared it:

Maybe this can be the song’s horrifyingly sad cover art for EP?

Spotify’s ready for the single to drop…

It WOULD make for an amazing Billie Eilish cover, actually:

And the Internet is covering it, too!