The happiest place on earth is grappling with the fact that the earth it’s on is in the grip of a pandemic. Like most businesses, Disney had to close its castle. They recently revealed tentative plans to reopen in phases beginning at the end of May. On their website, they listed new precautions they’ll be taking to try and prevent the spread of a deadly disease in their facilities. Those precautions include:

Limited parking and reduced entrances

Temperature screenings prior to entry

Face coverings required for Guests ages 3 and up

Physical distancing practices including physically-distanced queues and physical barriers

Temporary operation modifications, including reduced hours at select locations and no scheduled entertainment offerings or high-touch interactive areas

An increased focus on disinfecting and sanitation, including the addition of hand-washing stations and hand sanitizers in key areas

None of this seems too crazy, considering the state of public health in the U.S. at the moment. No company wants a massive COVID-19 outbreak traced back to them. But some Disney fans definitely do not want reality intruding on their experience.

Twitter user @sincerely__ivy screenshot some of the comments on the Disney parks blog, and people are absolutely losing their minds over being told to wear a mask.

These are just a fraction of all the comments responding to basic safety measures, and it’s pretty sad and scary that so many of these folks are willing to risk their own and their family’s health just to eat a $12 ice cream shaped like a mouse. Not to mention the workers at Disney parks. Just kidding, they obviously don’t care about workers!

“The mask seems to be coming more of a badge of honor and a feel good thing to do than a medical necessity.”

“My body my decision isn’t that the liberal way?!?”

“Not all day long. Just not good for you.”

“Face masks? The science is dubious.”

People are horrified by the response, but also considering booking a trip to Disney since it seems like the people who won’t wear masks also won’t be there. Win-win.

Personally, I won’t go to Disney until there’s a vaccine or until they hire me to play Belle. In a mask.


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*First Published: May 19, 2020, 11:42 am