coronavirus mask don't work

Healthcare Director Explains Why You’re Probably Using Masks Wrong And Should Stop Buying Them

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, reaching pandemic proportions according to the World Health Organization, people have been panic-buying face masks in an attempt to protect themselves. This has led to a global shortage, including in hospitals where healthcare workers actually need them.

Experts have been pleading with the public to stop buying masks, explaining that they should only be used by people who are already sick because they can catch your spit particles when you talk, cough, and sneeze, but can’t protect healthy people from contracting the virus. To further make the point, Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science Director Leora Horwitz penned a Twitter thread on how you’re almost definitely using those masks wrong anyway.

N95 masks are more protective than surgical masks, but only if you know the exact procedure for putting them on and taking them off. Do it wrong, and you’re probably just contaminating yourself, possibly worse than you would have been if you’d kept your hands all the way away from your face.

Horwitz lays out the intense yearly testing procedure that health professionals have to go through with the N95 masks,

Basically, unless you have plastic hoods and aspartame spray, don’t waste your money.

Horwitz goes on to explain how not only are you probably making things worse for yourself by using the N95 masks wrong, you’re definitely making things worse for healthcare workers right now.

She then explains, just like so many other healthcare professionals, that surgical masks should be used only by people who are already sick if they are forced to go out in public where they can spread it to other people. But she even warns people away from buying surgical masks, as they have also been running out and can be obtained in reasonable quantities when you go to the doctor to get tested.

In conclusion, stop buying masks because they don’t protect you from getting sick and the lack of them will result in healthcare workers getting sick, which is bad for all of us.