‘Does Trump Think The Moon Is Part Of Mars?’ Is A Question People Are Really Asking After His Confusing Tweet

You can always tell which tweets Trump wrote himself, because they’re often the ones that are so poorly worded that they’re just asking to be dunked on all day and night. Today, Trump managed to appear to suggest that the moon is somehow a part of Mars. Earth’s moon. Part of Mars.

You can’t make this stuff up.

He probably meant that going to the moon’s south pole is part of the general plan to get to Mars or, I don’t know, the same kind of technology that would go into getting to Mars went into getting to the moon?

Aside from the terrible wording, people are confused about where this sudden space focus is coming from. The last news about the NASA funding happened nearly a month ago, when Trump himself proposed giving the department an extra $1.6 billion for a return to the moon in 2024. It was supposed to be a part of “restoring NASA to greatness.”

After all that, going to the moon is apparently old news and we shouldn’t be wasting our money on it. Tell it to last month’s Donald Trump, Mr. President.

Trump’s inconsistency on this is so apparent that the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale was already able to put together a tapestry of how the President set himself up only to knock himself down over a period of four months.

So, what is Trump talking about here? What prompted this sudden reversal on the 2024 trip to the moon? Did Trump read the latest report on the coming climate apocalypse and wants to flee to Mars?

Nobody knows, so let’s just make fun of him.

This is a distraction from the coming impeachment proceedings, right?