Kimi the dog after chewing up her owner's passport

Woman’s Dog Rips Up Her Passport Right Before Her Trip To Wuhan, Coronavirus Epicenter

We all know that dogs are miracles just for existing, even if they sometimes get into trouble. Sometimes, however, they go above and beyond by saving us from potentially deadly situations, like home invasions or, if they’re trained right, medical emergencies. In one case over in Taiwan, a dog was both a naughty girl and a life-saver at the same time.

Kimi the Golden Retriever was found looking very guilty next to a chewed-up passport on her owner’s bed recently, landing her in some shame photos on Facebook.

一回到房間發現這一幕! 誰能幫我解釋一下 這還能出境嗎😩😩😩#誰來給我把這隻狗帶走🔥🔥🔥

Posted by 金毛愛旅行の視角 on Monday, January 13, 2020

“Saw this scene the moment I returned to my room!” wrote the dog owner. “Who can explain on my behalf, can I even leave the country now.”

dog eats passport wuhan

Fortunately, she could not leave the country in order to travel to Wuhan as she had planned until the passport was renewed. The reason this is fortunate is that Wuhan is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak that has already killed over 100 people in China as new cases pop up around the world, including at least a few in the U.S.

Posted by 金毛愛旅行の視角 on Monday, January 13, 2020

The virus is considered to be highly infectious, with confirmed cases nearly doubling since yesterday. Though it’s not guaranteed that this woman would have been infected if she had traveled to Wuhan and unlikely that she would have died from it, she’s still now feeling grateful to her furry companion for eating her passport.

dog eats passport wuhan

“Do you guys still remember the passport incident?” she wrote on Facebook the next day.

dog eats passport wuhan

“In hindsight, this little one was really protecting me. After my passport was destroyed, the virus started proliferating at my intended destination. I feel rather touched now.”

偶都拜年了 🙏🙏勾錐: 祝各位新年快樂~ 尼們別小氣,給我多點祝福~ 讓我在新的一年中可以賺更多肉肉😌😌還不交紅包出來嗎🧧 #裡面要放滿肉肉喔💋

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She was still able to spend the New Year with her family, and thanks to Kimi, did so in safety and without getting caught up in the Wuhan lockdown that was recently imposed in order to help contain the epidemic.

Though it’s probably just a coincidence, people around the world are wondering if Kimi sensed that something bad was going to happen if her human traveled.

Regardless, everyone loves Kimi now. Who’s a good dog?