Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Don Jr. Shares A Meme Of His Dad As Baby Yoda Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

How do you take the most universally beloved character to appear in human consciousness in years and turn it into a horrifying abomination? Donald Trump Jr. is here to answer that question. Yes, someone photoshopped the president onto something else, and yes, that thing is baby Yoda.

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Triggered in 3...2...1

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Don Jr. shared the image on Instagram with the caption “The Magalorian,” playing off Trump’s “MAGA” campaign slogan and the title of the show in which baby Yoda appears, the Disney+ exclusive series The Mandalorian. He also included a comment that references his recently-published book, because he can’t go a single day without mentioning it.

“Triggered in 3…2…1,” he wrote, as though anyone on Earth wouldn’t be triggered by an image that disturbing regardless of political affiliation.

Don Jr. and the Trump campaign have made a running joke (if you could call it that) out of horrifying everyone with images of his dad’s face and/or head photoshopped onto famous figures, including an iconic movie poster image of Rocky Balboa and, in what was the weirdest iteration of this trend until now, Greta Thunberg.

If there ever was a coherent joke behind these images, it seems to have been lost to simple trolling. The question is where they plan to go from here because it’s hard to imagine people hating anything more than they hate baby Yoda Trump.

So is Disney going to sue Don Jr. or what?