Trump Shares Video Falsely Claiming Ilhan Omar Was Dancing On 9/11 Anniversary

Misinformation is one of the scariest things to combat online. It seems to be coming from every direction, but it’s especially prevalent amongst extremist groups, like white nationalists. And because we now live in a dystopia, the president is a big fan of the white nationalists. He considers them very fine people and he’s happy to retweet their videos and memes.

This most recent RT of a racist was so horrible that Twitter actually intervened! People have been begging the platform to do something about the Donald Trump live-tweeting the end of democracy, but he continues to have a public profile. This time he overstepped. Trump shared a video of Representative Ilhan Omar dancing—that’s not the bad part. The bad part was the tweet he RTd comedian Terrence Williams, who shared the video with the question, “You were seriously partying on the anniversary of 9/11?”

Trump captioned his tweet with, “IIhan Omar, a member of AOC Plus 3, will win us the Great State of Minnesota. The new face of the Democrat Party!”

Omar saw Trump’s tweet and shared it herself, saying the entire story was a lie. The dancing took place over the weekend during a CBC event for black women in Congress. It was completely unrelated to 9/11 in anyway. She wanted to know what Twitter would be doing about Trump spreading this dangerous misinformation:

Twitter has deleted Williams’ tweet, but not Trump’s.

Others have come forward to corroborate Omar, which should be totally unnecessary, but here we are:

Omar herself shared the video on September 13th, celebrating dancing to Lizzo, as anyone would:

This is part of a long history of attacks against Omar and the women Trump referred to as AOC’s three. They include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, or “the squad.” Having strong democratic women in Congress is clearly freaking the president out, and he’s resorting to lies and manipulation to smear them. Business as usual, but none of these ladies are going to sit and take it.