Chuck Todd and Senator John Kennedy on Meet the Press

Donald Trump Calls It “Meet The Depressed” And Twitter Is Ready With The Depression Jokes

Donald Trump called the long-running public affairs program Meet the Press by the name “Meet the Depressed” this morning in what could have actually been funny if he weren’t supporting a man pushing a Putin-approved conspiracy theory. The tweet praised Senator John Kennedy’s performance on the show after he pushed the debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine was the country meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Kennedy has repeatedly pushed this theory, suggesting the same thing on Fox News last week before being fact-checked so hard that he actually admitted to being wrong.

“I was wrong,” he said on CNN. “The only evidence I have, and I think it’s overwhelming, is that it was Russia who tried to hack the DNC computer… I’ve seen no indication that Ukraine tried to do it.”

But on Sunday, Kennedy was back at it again with the same narrative he called “wrong” less than a week ago, claiming that White House Russia expert Fiona Hill’s testimony about the conspiracy theory an “opinion.” He was challenged on this by NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, who has every right to be tired at this point.

“You realize, the only other person selling this argument outside the United States is this man, Vladimir Putin?” Todd asked.

“Are you at all concerned that you’ve been duped?”

Kennedy wasn’t concerned, perhaps because he knew he would get the support of the president.

Meanwhile, because almost everyone on Twitter is already depressed, they’ve got jokes locked and loaded for the idea of “Meet the Depressed.”

Others are disappointed that the phrase wasn’t about mental health awareness.

Keep taking your meds, everyone.