Trump Falsely Claims His Lawyers Can Get Polling Results Changed After Latest Numbers Show His Approval Dipping

If there’s one thing that Trump hates, it’s data showing how much people hate him. From the first day of his empty inauguration ceremony, Trump has lashed out at anyone who says he’s less popular than he thinks he is. It happens a lot, because he’s deeply unpopular except amongst his most diehard racist fans. He is currently freaking out over a poll that shows a lower approval rate than usual. His freakout involves tweeting a bunch of lies, if you can believe it.

It all started with a poll released by the Washington Post, according to The Guardian. The poll shows his approval rating has gone down six points to 38% since June, likely in response to rumors of a recession that is supposed to be hitting early next year. The president is probably extra sensitive about that because he wants to win the reelection by pointing to a strong economy. If only we had one.

In a series of tweets, Trump complained that the Washington Post and ABC News are a bunch of fake news conspiracists:

A CNN fact-checker named Daniel Dale took on a few of Trump’s claims in a tweet writing, “This is not what happened. WaPo and ABC told me in June they do not recall a legal complaint (?) over their polls. WaPo wasn’t involved in the ABC tracking poll that had him down 12. Obviously no basis for the claim they fixed subsequent poll results because he complained.”

No one is particularly surprised that Trump is telling lies again:

Who knows what will happen in 2020, but if Trump loses, I am curious to see what he will have to say about it on Twitter. Will they have to drag him out of the White House as he tweets he’s actually the president?