19 Of The Best Reactions To The Viral Photo Of Trump’s “Tan

Photographer William Moon is having a big day. His picture of Donald Trump coming back to the White House from North Carolina has gone wildly viral, mainly because it is one of the few pictures where Trump’s orange hair isn’t covering the white stripe just above his orange tan. The wind is blowing back his carefully constructed bouffant, revealing all.

It looks like he’s wearing a face mask made from Cheetos:

Moon was interviewed by BuzzFeed, and he appears to be a Trump SUPPORTER, not his enemy for life, so the photo is even more baffling. Many have thought the image was altered, including Trump himself who tweeted that it was obviously Photoshop making him orange. Also, he thinks his own hair looks good for the record.

“Anything to demean!” he concluded, sharing a black and white version of the image that looks even worse, if that’s possible.

Moon has been defending himself, saying it is not Photoshop, but he “used the Apple smartphone’s photo app to adjust the color of the picture.”

He told Buzzfeed in a Twitter DM that “every Photographer has a same way to adjust a color of a picture.”

His way is more orange.

Moon does not appear to have any formal connection to the White House but he is now very connected to the Internet, who have been going buckwild with the picture and using plenty of Photoshop themselves. Scroll through for the #OrangeFace memes, if the photo is haunting your dreams already.