I’m putting on my glasses to write this just to spite this woman, even though I only have a mild astigmatism. Anyway, guess what folks? Did you know that “spiritual, emotional, and mental” reasons are behind your bad eyesight? And not genetics or other ophthalmological reasons? A wellness influencer named Samantha Lotus, who describes herself as a “holistic master coach” says she can teach you to see clearly again for $11.

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Except I can already see very clearly that this is a scam.

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“You may have been told that you need glasses, but that’s actually a lie,” Lotus said on her social media.

Lotus is offering her tens of thousands of social media followers the chance to take off their glasses through something called “holistic multidimensional healing.” She has already healed her own eyesight, everybody!

Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

In a post on Friday, Lotus says 338 people have signed up to take the online class. But if you want to remain a disabled leach on society due to your very cool specs, don’t bother, I guess! Lotus says, “if you’re close-minded and want to stay a victim, this is NOT FOR YOU.” I have never felt personally victimized by my mild astigmatism. In fact, I have three very cool sets of glasses that I use for typing articles like this, and I rotate them based on how sassy I feel — and I feel very sassy right now.

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This is the latest in an exceptionally demented wave of pseudo-scientific scamming led by so-called wellness coaches. This rhetoric is couched in disability shaming as well as eugenics, and it should be criticized. I am done with people who are anti-science and who utilize the language of victim-blaming to shame people into hating their bodies.

In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology told The Daily Beast that there are only a couple of ways to heal presbyopia (farsightedness): “The only way to correct it is corrective lenses (reading glasses or contact lenses), surgery, or medicated prescription eye drops,” an AAO spokesperson said. They added there is “no scientific evidence” to support alternative practices such as “eye yoga.”

For her credentials, Lotus’ website has no mention of any kind of medical background, but she does use “Lifestyle Alchemy, Holistic Health, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Heart-led Entrepreneurship” with her clients.

“You can choose to stay blind,” Lotus reiterated in an Instagram story. “I have seen people take off their glasses and not need them anymore over and over and over again.”

Sounds like someone has a Jesus complex.

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Folks, you’re not broken because you need glasses. Don’t let some quack take your money and convince you that you’re some kind of victim for taking care of your eyesight in a sane and responsible way.

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*First Published: September 8, 2023, 1:08 pm