White cops choking and generally brutalizing a Black man

Driving While Black: Cops Arrest And Choke Man For ‘Speeding’ In Viral Video

In yet another case of white-cop-on-black-person brutality, a video is spreading of a cop trying to arrest a Black man with the only reason given being “speeding” (not an arrestable offense).

When the arrestee, identified as Robert Morton, resists being handcuffed, the white cop pulls his taser. The woman taking the video, Porsha Shields, can be heard begging Morton to stay still as they wait for a second officer to arrive. Unfortunately, the arrival of the second cop does not make things better.

Near the end of the video, you can see the second white cop arrive, walk right up while saying “get your f***ing hands behind your back” and going right for Morton’s throat with his hand, slamming the back of his head against the car. The two officers then slam him to the ground as Shields repeatedly screams “you ain’t gotta do all that.”

It’s ridiculous enough to be arrested for speeding, an offense that for us white people ends at the very worst in a ticket and a grumpy drive to our destination. The Mississippi Highway Patrol has not yet issued an explanation for why alleged speeding needed to result in choking, slamming, and general police brutality.

Anti-racist activists have noted many times in the past that police officers will attempt to detain Black individuals without giving a real reason for it, then justifying the arrest by claiming that the Black person was “resisting.”

For traffic violations, in the state of Mississippi....Robert Morton & his pregnant fiancé Porsha Shields recorded their experience. Porsha says that “after this video, Officer Scott became aggressive with as she explained that to him that she’s pregnant. Also, officer Scott replied that “I heard you the first time” while choking and slamming her against the vehicle. “I truly felt that I should have never told him I was pregnant because it seemed like he became more aggressive...And, what hurts the most is knowing that my 4 year old son witnessed me screaming, crying and getting assaulted as this event will psychologically impact us forever...”Although they were released several hours later, Robert Morton charges were: speeding, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, seat belt violation, failure to provide identification, and $35 for breaking the officers whistle.Porsha’s charges: disorderly conduct & resisting arrest. Traffic stop officer: Brandon Barry 2nd Officer doing the chocking: James Scott Charges for excessive force: NoneClay County Mississippi Highway Patrol, Troop Mississippi Highway Patrol Mississippi Highwat Patrol Department Shaun King D.L. Hughley

Posted by Keyzz Entertainment Television on Monday, July 29, 2019

A longer video posted to Facebook shows the white officer claiming that Morton resists “every time I try to put you in handcuffs, you pull them off.” Morton repeatedly asks why he’s being detained, which is a reasonable thing to ask when the only offense named has been “speeding.” Nobody should have to suffer the indignity of being handcuffed and arrested for no reason, but refusing to endure that at the whim of any cop is used as a further excuse for arrest and brutality. Same story every time.

According to the Daily Mail, Shields was also arrested for some mystery reason and when she told the cop that she was pregnant, “the choking officer grew more aggressive with her after she shared that information.” She says she was also slammed against the car, and by the way, her four-year-old son was in the car that whole time watching that happen.

“I truly felt that I should have never told him I was pregnant because it seemed like he became more aggressive,” Shields said to local reporters. “And, what hurts the most is knowing that my four-year-old son witnessed me screaming, crying and getting assaulted as this event will psychologically impact us forever.”

Both Morton and Shields have been charged with resisting arrest and “disorderly conduct.” There is absolutely no reason given for the arrest of Shields. Yelling? Who knows?

As the videos spread online, people are sharing their outrage and demanding answers from the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

In a just world, these officers would be fired for unlawful arrest and brutality at the very least, but nobody is holding their breath.