Elderly Italian Man Upset Over Empty Pasta Shelves, Says There Was Less Panic During WW2

With the new coronavirus strain COVID-19 appearing around the world, people are panicking. In some places, the state of uncertainty is causing total panic and folks are stampeding for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and turning on one another in the aisles. This is in places where not many folks are even getting sick yet. In Italy, BBC reports that things have gotten extremely bad. In the last 24 hours, another 188 people have died from COVID-19, bringing the death toll up to 1,016.

The country is on lockdown, with big events like weddings and funerals banned, and many cities under quarantine. And at least one Italian man is freaking sick of the panic. A clip of him ranting about the empty supermarket shelves to Euronews has gone viral after being shared to Twitter by multiple accounts.

In the clip, he says, “The pasta shelves are empty…There wasn’t this much panic when World War II started.” Then he walks out in disgust:

It’s hard to imagine what ordinary citizens are going through in a country under the full weight of an outbreak, though the U.S. might find out very soon if Donald Trump and his administration keep having their way. The White House seems to want to suppress testing and factual information being clearly distributed to the public, which is cause for concern. It’s possible that Italy’s example will be what the U.S. turns to if things start to get bad.

Another Twitter user, @iatemuggles, shared clips of various news interviews in Italy, including pasta man, and they paint quite a picture of the imminent future:

And they shared links for helping out Italians being hit by the crisis because they obviously need real help even if they’re managing to be funny in front of the camera:

We genuinely hope he has acquired some pasta and is staying otherwise safe. He’ll probably be fine so long as he follows these vital instructions.

We all have to start looking out for each other. Start by washing your hands.