People are really losing it in quarantine, but it feels like Elon Musk’s giant piles of money should be serving as some sort of buffer. He could afford to pay everyone around him to pretend like things are normal and just smoke a spliff in his pool-sized hot tub. Instead, he appears to be having a total meltdown on Twitter because he can’t make unaffordable cars in his factories and everyone keeps making fun of him for not knowing what a ventilator is.

Musk has been all over the place. He took a hit at his own company, claiming Tesla stock prices are too high:

He has been calling for the end of the coronavirus lockdown:

And claimed he’s selling off all his possessions:

If he were just a regular weird uncle, none of that would matter too much. Unfortunately for society, Musk has a lot of influence as a billionaire who delusional nerds think will be an IRL Batman someday. My guys, have you seen how your hero is taking care of himself? He ain’t jumping from one roof to another anytime soon.

People have been noticing Musk’s meddling, starting with Tesla stock taking a dip after his tweets:

And his girlfriend Grimes is definitely noticing:

She is currently carrying their child, so maybe the idea of raising a baby in an empty house that once belonged to Gene Wilder with a man deliberately testing the limits of his success isn’t too appealing.

Maybe it’s incipient fatherhood that is making Elon Musk more Musky than usual. He’s having a last weekend of smoking up and trolling his followers online before getting serious about being a dad.

Or maybe he’s just so disgustingly rich that he knows nothing can touch him, not even endangering jobs at his company and lives in the world around him. Very un-Batman of him.

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*First Published: May 2, 2020, 8:33 am