Trump rally in New Hampshire with several empty seats behind him

Trump Keeps Saying His Rallies Are Full, But These Videos Prove Otherwise

#EmptySeatMAGATour is trending on Twitter and spreading a surprising number of photos and videos showing Trump rallies with large sections of empty seats, countering the President’s repeated claims that his campaign events always sell out.

Twitter user and frequent Trump critic Tony Posnanski appears to have started the hashtag after noticing quite a few empty chairs at his New Hampshire rally on Thursday.

The issue of attendance to Trump’s events has come up before, starting with people comparing the crowd sizes at his inauguration to that of Obama’s.

Of course, it would make sense that the crowds in New Hampshire, an often-blue state, would be smaller at a Trump rally than at those in Southern states. However, Twitter has produced quite a few images of these events that have a large number of seats with no butts in them.

People are also posting screenshots of Craigslist ads asking for paid actors to fill seats at Trump rallies, though anything from Craigslist can be taken with a grain of salt. Perhaps more telling are the reports that workers in Pennsylvania were told that they could either attend a local Trump rally or take an unpaid day off and lose their overtime later.

The photo of the paper appears to have originated from the Local 11 chapter of EWMC RENEW Facebook page. Some have claimed that it’s a fake, and others have claimed that unions have done the same for Democratic politicians. If the latter is true, it still supports the idea that Trump isn’t as much of a crowd draw as he says/thinks he is.

Also either way, the hashtag posts remain hilarious.

Keep setting up the jokes, Trump.