Evangelical Pastor Warns Not To “Gossip” About Things Unseen, Gets Roasted For Hypocrisy On Twitter

Televangelist Pastor John Hagee likes to tweet Bible verses and interpretations of Bible verses, often doing so several times per day. He also often attracts critics due to his not-infrequent antisemitic and Islamophobic statements, including saying that all Jewish people are going to hell, and his support of Donald Trump. Recently, however, he basically did all the work for his critics by seeming to invalidate the entire Bible and possibly all religion with one tweet:

In most versions of the Bible, Exodus 20:16 reads something like: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” It doesn’t get into what counts as false witness and certainly doesn’t mention gossip, so this appears to be Hagee’s interpretation. It may also have been a defense of Donald Trump leading up to the Senate impeachment trial, as both Trump and his supporters have tried to claim that because the most important witnesses aren’t direct witnesses, all of their testimony is mere “hearsay.”

Unfortunately for Hagee, that would also make the entire Bible “hearsay,” as multiple Twitter users pointed out.

The setup and comeback were so perfect that they ended up on the notorious Reddit forum r/MurderedByWords and quickly gained over 50,000 upvotes. The comments there are even better, particularly the one that says: “Couldn’t find the honey for my morning oats. Guess this pastor’s lack of self-awareness will have to do.”

There was, indeed, an attempt. Next time, maybe Pastor Hagee could avoid calling his entire religion a lie.