A former officer named Greg Hicks is still causing trouble for the Birmingham Police Department after a comment he made on Facebook went viral. A screenshot of a post made by another man about the city’s mayor announcing a ban on chokeholds in the police department shows Hicks commenting underneath it.

“I always preferred literally crushing ribs to gain compliance anyway, rather than a safe chokehold that’ll gain compliance with little or no physical damage done,” Hicks writes. “If I’m gonna have to do paperwork on you, you’re gonna earn it.”

Hicks is saying that chokeholds are actually the less violent option to subdue a citizen, so he would deliberately choose more violent tactics. He wanted an arrest to end with the arrestee in pain or injured to make filling out paperwork on the arrest “worth it.” Because he is a sicko.

Pictures of Hicks in uniform were found by social media users, according to the Daily Dot, and they called for him to be fired. On Wednesday, a BPD spokeswoman Ariana Garza explained that Hicks hasn’t worked for the department since 2018.

“When the individual’s distasteful social media comment was brought to our attention, BPD immediately initiated an investigation,” Garza said.

It might be a relief to learn that Hicks is no longer employed in Birmingham, but that does not necessarily mean he is no longer employed as an officer. Many cops are able to leave one department and pick up in another, even if they were fired or have a terrible record. Others wondered about the fate of people arrested by Hicks. If he is telling the truth about his own conduct, many of them deserve justice and some restitution:

Hicks is an example of why police unions are so corrupt: they allow behavior likes this to hide and thrive, with no accountability. The fact that he was willing to tell on himself shows how safe Hicks felt, with no expectation of ever seeing any consequences.


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*First Published: July 18, 2020, 9:44 am