Fake Texts Are Telling Americans They’ve Been Drafted And Will Be Sent To Iran

In topical trolling news, it’s being reported that Americans are receiving text messages informing them that they are being drafted and will swiftly by deployed to Iran.

The hoax is apparently a response to widespread fears of a “World War 3” between the United States and Iran after the U.S.’s recent killing, by missile strike, of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, an action that’s seen by many as a dangerous provocation that could result in a major conflict between the two powers.

As the situation has escalated and tensions have mounted so have fears among the American public about how such a conflict would affect them.

So, while most people know that the U.S. hasn’t had a draft since 1973, it would still be unsettling to receive a message telling you to “come to the nearest branch” for “immediate departure to Iran.”

According to Newsweek the fake texts have been sent to people in various states, are often identical, and have made reference to both real and fake military leaders.

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In some cases the messages also threatened recipients with several years of jail time if they do not respond, reports Newsweek.

It’s unclear who is behind the messages but a spokesperson from the US Army Recruiting Command told Business Insider that they’ve received a number of complaints about the texts and said they were not coming from the army, calling them “fraudulent.”