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Dairy Farmer Who Voted For Trump Says “Back-Stabbing” Tariffs Have Been Terrible For Business

Donald Trump had enough support in the country to win the election, if not the popular vote. Many of his followers have been disillusioned since he took office, though some still say they’ll vote for him this time around—if he doesn’t get impeached first.

The ones who seem more on the fence weren’t just embarrassed by Trump’s horrible behavior and international gaffes. They’re the ones he screwed over financially after promising to look after the little guy. Amongst them are the nation’s farmers, who have been hit hard by the trade war Trump started with China, as well as terrible weather caused by climate change. Which Trump still denies.

In a clip circulating from CNN’s New Day, a dairy farmer named Bill Boyd of Mount Bethel admitted he was a Republican who voted for Trump who has come to regret it.

Correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich introduced the segment by explaining the conditions in Pennsylvania, which is a popular state for Trump and farming.

“Farmers have had a tough couple of years between bad weather and this trade war that has persisted,” said Yurkevich. “Nationally, farm bankruptcies are up 20 percent in just the last year and, here, dairy farms in Pennsylvania are dwindling. We spoke to some farmers who supported the president but say they’re rethinking their vote for 2020.”

She then turned to Boyd, asking, “Is the dairy business profitable?” He replied, “Just like everything else in agriculture right now, barely profitable.”

Yurkevich explained Boyd is a Republican who voted for Trump, but he doesn’t “support the president’s tactics with China.” Then she asked. “How big of a hit has that loss of the China market been to you?”

He had a dire answer: “Cost the farmers here $2 a bushel,” he answered. “That’s the profit.”

Boyd didn’t hold back on what he thinks of Trump’s tactics since he got elected.

“I think he’s sort of back-stabbing the main people who got him into office in the Midwest, all those midwest states helped to vote him in and also Pennsylvania,” Boyd said. “He just left us out.”

But will he vote for him again?

“Unless they come up with a better alternative, I’m going to vote for him again,” Boyd admitted. I guess even losing money won’t change Trump supporters’ minds.