Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a refreshing voice of reason during the global coronavirus pandemic. It’s always nice to hear from him at press conferences instead of hearing whatever nonsense has burrowed its way into Donald Trump’s head to be regurgitated in barely-comprehensible babble. What’s even nicer is that Dr. Fauci is not a total bigot, as he made clear while standing in front of Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday.

While addressing the very real and serious health disparities between black and white Americans that are leading to a disproportionate number of coronavirus deaths in black communities, he also took a moment to praise the LGBTQ community’s survival of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

“A greater portion of my career has been defined by HIV/AIDS,” he said. “During that time, there was extraordinary stigma, particularly against the gay community. It was only when the world realized how the gay community responded to this outbreak with incredible courage and dignity and strength and activism… I think that really changed some of the stigma against the gay community.”

It was an interesting segue, and true, but many on social media couldn’t help but notice that the person attending this particular hearing just so happened to be VP Mike Pence, a man notorious for his homophobia and his failure to act on an HIV outbreak when he was governor of Indiana. His initial refusal to allow for a clean needle exchange program and general hesitancy to act is widely considered to be a large part of the reason the outbreak got as bad as it did.

Was Fauci’s praise of the LGBTQ community in the face of such a horrific epidemic meant to make Mike Pence squirm? We may never know, but it’s highly satisfying to watch anyway. Gay Twitter loves it.

You love to see it.

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*First Published: April 10, 2020, 10:25 am