A former CEO who got fired after being caught on video harassing a teenager over his clothing is now suing Kathy Griffin for allegedly “doxxing” him.

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You may remember the viral video from last year. A group of teenagers were gathered at a hotel taking pictures with parents ahead of prom, and one boy had opted to wear a dress. Sam Johnson was recorded following him around and telling him he looks like an “idiot,” attempting to smack the phone out of the hand of the teen recording, and ignoring adults asking him to stop.

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Johnson was soon identified by internet sleuths, and his name was shared alongside the video as it circulated. He was ultimately fired by his company, VisuWell, for his atrocious behavior.

Now the disgraced CEO is pointing fingers at Griffin for his post-homophobia woes, trying to gain sympathy from his fellow bigots by claiming he’s standing up “against the woke social mob that wants to strip us over our livelihoods and careers.”

The tweet in question:

Johnson’s suit alleges that prior to Griffin’s tweet, VisuWell told him they didn’t intend to fire him. Afterwards, they did. 

“Because of Ms. Griffin’s conduct, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson actually felt terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed and molested,” the suit reads.

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Of course, Griffin was not the only person to share the video or name Johnson.

And the internet reaction to his decision to harass a teenager was based on, well, his own atrocious behavior.

But good luck with that.

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*First Published: April 29, 2022, 7:46 am